Job Seeker Information

Application Instructions for Potential Candidates

The Moran Company represents the side of the nonprofit organization during the search process for key leadership positions. We do not work directly with individuals seeking new employment. However, we encourage you to apply for any of our open positions – or share them with respected colleagues.

Current Searches are updated regularly on our website. Please visit this page frequently for employment opportunities that match your skill set, professional passion and desired location. Our clients include nonprofit organizations throughout the country that are seeking executive directors and senior fundraising professionals.

If your qualifications meet one or more of our open positions, please follow the specific instructions for each job posting in order to forward your resume to us. (You may need to apply more than once if you would like to be considered for multiple opportunities.) We would be happy to take your submission into consideration.

The active recruitment period for most of our searches is approximately 6 weeks. When resumes have been collected, they will be reviewed and scored. You will be notified about the status of your selection, and one of us will be in touch personally if you are invited to participate in the next step of our interview process.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about our services. Thank you for your interest! We wish you success in exploring your career options.