Nonprofit Board Retreat Agenda

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed.

Nonprofit boards should gather once a year to review the past year and plan for the coming year.  This may be done at an off  business site such as a board member’s home.  If done in in a 3-4 hour session, this can serve as a fun gathering.

Following is a sample agenda for a nonprofit Board Retreat.

Organization Name
Board Retreat Agenda

I.   Review of Prior Year

A)  Review of financials and highlights
B)  What went well? (Group)
C)  What did not go so well? (Group)
D)  Lessons to carry forth? (Group)

II. SWOT (Group)

A)  Strengths
B)  Weaknesses
C)  Opportunities
D)  Threats

III.  What is the SWOT analysis telling us?

IV.  Objectives for Coming Year (Group)


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