Our Search Process: How is it different?

1.  We provide both national and regional search services.

Searches are based on your organization’s needs.  We provide both nationwide and regional searches.  Regional searches are focused on candidates within a 250-mile radius of your organization.  We do not place “leftover” candidates from previous searches.

Why focus on regional candidates?

  • Regional candidates are more likely to stay. Nonprofit staff need to stay to be effective (generally five years or more). Permanent residents in your region are less likely to use a position as a temporary stepping stone to a different one in another state.
  • Regional candidates know the philanthropic culture and players in your community.
  • We verify their productivity by contacting known organizations and peers. An unknown candidate from another part of the country is a riskier hire.

2.  We actively recruit candidates not looking for a position.

Often, the best and strongest candidates are not actively searching for a position. So we get their attention by contacting them by phone or in person.   We will contact top leadership to screen and recruit them whether they have applied or not.  Personal proactive contact is how we find the best candidates.

3.  Our 10-step search process:

Your customized search will include:

  • We meet with you to determine your specific needs for the position and receive an orientation to your organization.
  • We provide research to determine appropriate salary levels for your position.
  • We draft a customized position description.
  • We publicize your position by posting it on national and regional nonprofit websites.  We also publicize your position through e-mails.
  • We meet with and phone nonprofit peers and professionals to uncover the best candidates for your position.
  • We conduct face-to-face screening interviews with the strongest candidates.
  • We conduct a “google” search to investigate finalists’ backgrounds.  If requested, we do a background check that includes past employment, academic credentials, driving record, credit report and criminal search.
  • Behavior assessments may be done on the final candidates to assess the strengths and biases they would bring to the position.
  • We facilitate the final interview process with your Search Committee.
  • We help negotiate an employment agreement with the final candidate.

Our search process results in candidates who are effective nonprofit executives.

  • Great Fundraisers and Development Directors, Healthcare/Hospital Foundation Executives, who will raise money for your organization!
  • Effective Executive Directors and other leadership to move your organization forward!

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